Puri Medical Vaccination Program

Today, vaccinations are the most effective and reliable protection from acute infectious diseases.

Vaccination for kids is carried out with accordance with both the Indonesian Pediatrician Association's calendar of preventive injections and Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For further information about the immunization schedule for children and adults, please check this link

We take the vaccination procedures very seriously with kids as well as with adults, that is why every injection is preceded by a physician exam. At this exam our doctor briefly examines a patient and also answers regarding the upcoming examinations. Our physicians will also give consultations on the recommended schedule of the preventative injections, the period of the vaccine effect, and possible side effects. They also will make sure whether there are any contraindications regarding the application of certain vaccinations.

Puri Medical Clinic only uses the vaccines the are from an approved supplier and who adhere to the conditions of storage and transporting.

Vaccinations that are available in our clinic include;
-Rabies, Flu, Viral Hepatitis A, Viral Hepatitis B, Diphtheria, Whooping-cough, Measles, Rubella, Parotitis, Pappiloma Virus, Poliomyelitis, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, etc.

You can receive additional information on vaccinations in Puri Medical Clinic, as well as make an appointment for vaccinations by phone at 085 100 103 103.

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